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BEREA COLLEGE Economics and Business Department DATE: September 10, 2010 TO: Martie Kazura FROM: LeAnna Kaiser SUBJECT: Twitter Brief (Assignment #1) is a social networking site that targets users of all ages, nationalities, and occupational standings. It was founded in 2006 as a way to share 140 word messages called “tweets.” Tweets are similar to updates, using short messages to communicate about what the user is doing or thinking. Twitter’s home webpage is simple, displaying a plainly laid out full-screen. It displays ways to find friends, work colleagues, and celebrities; while offering help for businesses who want to market themselves on Twitter. Users click on “trending topics” to see tweets containing words or phrases that are popular at that moment. If a business wants to see how many users are talking about their product, they can search for keywords having to do with their product or brand to see
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Unformatted text preview: what type of comments it is receiving. Users can also follow other tweeters such as celebrities or companies. User profiles can be modified for personal design preferences or to maximize marketing capabilities. In the beginning, it was seen as a simple a way to share what you were doing or where you were. However, today it is widely used by businesses to market themselves to other Twitter users. Marketers post information about products or services. CadburyAU (Cadbury Australia) posted a tweet about its product “Bar of Plenty.” Other users responded to this post by tweeting the same thing or making comments on the Bar of Plenty candy bar. Instantly, this was shared with their followers in addition to all of CadburyAU’s followers. In this way, Twitter allows information to become viral – spreading quickly....
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