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BEREA COLLEGE Economics and Business Department DATE: October 1, 2010 TO: Martie Kazura FROM: LeAnna Kaiser SUBJECT: Procter & Gamble (P&G) uses as its corporate website. It uses the internet to communicate with media outlets, current and potential investors, employees, suppliers, and other Procter & Gamble offers information on its company, brands in production, sustainability practices, innovations, and updates on P&G in the news. Investors can view the current stock price from the New York Stock Exchange. People interested in working for P&G have direct access to career information. Currently, P&G has the 2010 Annual Report highlighted and a
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Unformatted text preview: quick link for stockholders to vote their proxy. Procter & Gamble’s website is effective in that it offers large amounts of information in an un-confusing and organized format. Shareholders looking for information can find it easily using their categorized sections of interest. Using photos of people from around the world, P&G both makes its site attractive while making the statement, “We will grow by touching and improving the lives of more consumers in more pars of the world, more completely.” Clearly, this is both for aesthetics and to send a strong global company message....
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