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Unformatted text preview: BEREA COLLEGE Economics and Business Department DATE: November 19, 2010 TO: Martie Kazura FROM: LeAnna Kaiser SUBJECT: Memo #3 Linens ‘n Things, at, and Bed Bath & Beyond, at, are both household item retail websites. However, the both apply the AIDA concept differently. Linens ‘n Things mainly attempts to attract attention using bright colors and advertisements. Headings at the top of the page highlight the different sections of the website. Graphic ads are used to advertise free shipping, Thanksgiving deals, and a black Friday & cyber Monday deals mailing list. A main attention grabbing method is through colors in the headings and ads include green, blue, purple, brown, yellow and red. Bed Bath & Beyond attracts attention on their website by emphasizing products instead of offers. They have several featured product photos that you can click on to get more information. They have emphasized links to registry, college shopping, and general shopping, with a sidebar listing the different...
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