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BUS 363 Study Guide Exam 2, Chapters 8-12 Fall 2010 Chapter 8 Who Conducts Marketing Research? The Marketing Research Process* Marketing Research Methods Conducting International Marketing Research Chapter 9 Types of Markets Criteria for Effective Segmentation* Demographic Segmentation Product Related Segmentation Strategies for Reaching Target Markets Selecting and Executing a Strategy Chapter 10 Relationship Marketing Continuum Building Buyer-Seller relationships
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 11 What is a Product? What are Goods and Services ? Classifying Goods and Services for Consumer and Business Markets Benchmarking Quality of Services* The Product Mix The Product Life Cycle** Chapter 12 Managing Brands for Competitive Advantage Types of brands Trademarks Brand Extensions New Product Planning Product Development Strategies Rate of Adoption Determinants* * essay question ** extra credit...
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