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BUS 363 Marketing Study Guide #1 Fall 2010 First Exam, Chapters 1-7 Chapter 1 What is Marketing? Nontraditional Marketing From Transaction-Based Marketing to Relationship Marketing Chapter 2 Marketing Planning: The Basis for Strategy and Tactics Successful Strategies: Tools and Techniques First Mover and Second Mover Strategies* SWOT Analysis Elements of a Marketing Strategy Methods for Marketing Planning Chapter 3 Environmental Scanning and Environmental Management The Competitive Environment Types of Competition* Social Responsibility in Marketing*
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4 E-Business and E-Marketing Benefits of B2C E-Marketing Chapter 5 Interpersonal Determinants of Consumer Behavior Personal Determinants of Consumer Behavior The Consumer Decision Process Postpurchase Evaluation* Chapter 6 Nature of the Business Market Segmenting B2B Markets Classifying Business Buying Situations Chapter 7 The International Marketing Environment Strategies for Entering Foreign Markets* * Indicates short essay question area...
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