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Commercial Ideas - worry it’s just the sniffles” Zoom...

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Commercial Ideas Slogan Ideas: “If doctors can use it, so can you” “Doctors have trusted us with their patients, now we want to take care of your family” Television Commercials: 1) Moms saving kids from danger – hot stove, cliff, street with ball…. Get emotion of protective moms. Then: “You try to protect your children from all the dangers in life; now you can protect them on an even deeper level” Zoom in on fabrics – show how microbes are repelled 2) Little girl at school, little boy sneezes on her. “Ew, gross!” Looks at her pink shirt. “Don’t
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Unformatted text preview: worry- it’s just the sniffles” Zoom in on fabrics – little flue bugs trying to get through the clothes, but can’t… Magazine: Picture with mom/kid/germs emphasizing safety Bus/Park benches: Average # of germs on a city bench. “Don’t you wish you had protection” Twitter/Tweets: “keep your kids safe on the bus!” Get a list of tweet ideas to put in the presentation…...
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