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Andromed, Inc. Date: December 6, 2010 To: Martie Kazura From: Andromed, Inc. Marketing Department Subject: Final Group Progress Report On November 11, only LeAnna Kaiser arrived for the scheduled meeting at 7:00 pm in Hutchins Library. The meeting was postponed until the next scheduled time on November 25, where LeAnna Kaiser, Cristina Madrid, and Kamal Hasanov were present. Tyler Bourne was absent for unknown reasons. Based on previous work, the group discussed each of their individual assignments: Ms. Kaiser gave an overview of the SWOT analysis and target market of Bolt detergent. She also addressed issues from a prior meeting with adviser Dr. Martie Kazura to discuss product cannibalization. Ms. Madrid discussed research internet marketing and its costs. She suggested different ideas for
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Unformatted text preview: website advertising and coupons. Mr. Hasanov presented the financial statements and gave an overview of the highlights. Discussion was held on sales and expense figures, as well as the overall financial view of the company and product line. Each group member announced ideas and got positive criticism and feedback from teammates. After continuing research as a group, it was decided that the meeting should end and that no further decisions should be made until all members were present. On December 2, the group met for an hour Hutchins Library at 7:00 pm. All group members were present and discussed final aspects of the project and presentation....
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