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talking notes - Good afternoon new products board My name...

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Unformatted text preview: Good afternoon new products board. My name is LeAnna Kaiser and I am the public relations spet for Bolt antimicrobial detergent. In 1998, Andromedic successfully took market share of the medical cleaner industry. In 2005, they changed their name to AndroMed to open up opportunities for non-medical product innovations Today we are here to talk to you about one such opportunity. Bolt anti-microbial laundry detergent is inspired by past successes of anti-microbial detergent in the medical industry. Based on its strong foundation of customer service and quality, AndroMed is taking a new course to enter the consumer market. Bolt mission statement: We embrace technology and innovation in the realm of cleaning products in order to improve and benefit customers’ lives and businesses. SWOT slide: Strengths : Bolt plans to utilize AndroMed’s strong foundation in service, drs/nurses working with AndroMed’s products have complained that their products aren’t available for average consumer use- so we already have...
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