26B thin lens eqn, ray diagram

26B thin lens eqn, ray diagram - Outline Physics 1C Lecture...

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1 Physics 1C Lecture 26B "You are the lens in the beam. You can only receive, give, and possess the light as the lens does. If you seek yourself, you rob the lens of its transparency. You will know life and be acknowledged by it according to your degree of transparency, your capacity, that is, to vanish as an end, and remain purely as a means." --Dag Hammarskjold Outline Review spherical mirrors Convex lens Diverging lens Ray diagrams Thin lens equation FLT: Spherical Mirrors Example A convex spherical mirror of radius of curvature R = 20.0cm produces an upright image precisely one-quarter the size of an object, a candle. What is the separation distance between the object and its image? Answer The separation distance is 37.5cm. The real object is to the left of the mirror. The virtual image is to the right. Spherical Mirrors Answer The ray diagram for a *similar* setup looks like: The object is in front of the convex mirror The image is virtual, upright, and smaller than the object (reduced). Convex Mirrors A convex mirror is sometimes referred to a diverging mirror . The rays from any point on the object diverge after reflection as they were coming from some point behind the mirror. The image is virtual because it lies behind the mirror at the point where the reflected ray appear to originate. In general (not every case), the image formed by a convex mirror is upright, virtual, and diminished. Converging Lenses What if we wanted to use refraction to converge parallel light rays to a single focal point? What type of shape should we use? Recall our prism example:
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26B thin lens eqn, ray diagram - Outline Physics 1C Lecture...

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