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Class Review - 5/27/2011 Outline Physics 1C Class Review...

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5/27/2011 1 Physics 1C Class Review "All good things must come to an end.” --Proverb Outline Give an Overview of the topics covered Try to give some examples from each Things We Have Learned 1) Simple Harmonic Motion: For a mass on a spring, the force on the mass will be given by: In general, anything that exhibited simple harmonic motion: F F restoring   constant displacement The periods of SHM can be: T spring 2 m k T pend 2 L g Problem A spring stretches 0.300m when a 0.300kg mass is hung from it. Determine the spring constant. Draw a force diagram for the mass when it is first hung on the spring: mass F gravity, Earth on mass F restoring, spring on mass Since the mass is in equilibrium: F restoring F g + y kx = mg k = mg/x = .300kg*9.8m/s 2 /.150m = 9.8kg/s 2 Things We Have Learned 2) Waves: Waves were a disturbance in a medium created by a source. We represent a traveling wave with a sine wave. v wave T f We could relate wavelength and frequency by: Things We Have Learned 3) Sound: Sound waves are longitudinal waves traveling through a medium. Sound waves interfere (here k , w , and A are the same): y 1 + y 2 = 2 A cos ( f /2) sin ( kx - t + /2) f o f s v sound v o v sound v s When the source or the observer is moving, the frequency will change: Standing waves occur under wave reflection such that nodes and anti- nodes are created:
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5/27/2011 2 Things We Have Learned 4) Reflection and Refraction: When light moves between two different media, the light will be refracted at an angle given by: 1 1 When light is reflected off of a surface it will be reflected at an
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Class Review - 5/27/2011 Outline Physics 1C Class Review...

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