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Answers to clicker questions: 12-1 C. 0.1 seconds 13-A-1 C. velocity remains the same 13B-1 B. f(karla) < f(max) 14B-1 A. completely constructive 14B-2 B. loosen the string 24A-1 C. the E-field is 1/2 the intensity 25A-1 A. n3>n1 26B-1 D) dimmer and unchanged
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Unformatted text preview: 26C-1 D) real inverted 27A-1 B) brighter and closer 27B-1 A) if the incident medium has a lower index of refraction 27B-2 B) 2> 1 28B-1 C) E0-E 28C-1 A) the deBroglie wavelength 28D-1 B) decreases 29B-1 C) Paschen...
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