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Reconstruction I. Presidential Reconstruction, 1865-66 A. Defining Freedom 1. education 2. land 3. James City B. William Holden 1. yeomen appointments 2. war debt repudiation C. Jonathan Worth 1. defeat of 1st proposed constitution 2. Black Code 3. opposition to the 14th amendment . . . to be continued
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Reconstruction (continued) II. Radical Reconstruction, 1867-77 A. Military Reconstruction Acts of 1867 B. formation of a biracial Republican alliance C. 2nd constitution, 1867/68 1. voting rights 2. school system
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Unformatted text preview: 3. abolition of property requirements for office holding 4. elected county commissioners replace justices of the peace III. "Redemption" A. Republican weaknesses 1. race 2. taxes and rebuilding a war-torn society B. Ku Klux Klan C. Impeachment of Holden, 1871 D. 3rd constitutional convention, 1875/76 E. election of Zebulon Vance, 1876 F. restoration of oligarchy in local government, 1877 13th amendment provisional governors Andrew Johnson 15 th amendment...
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Reconstruction_outline - 3 abolition of property...

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