Triumph of White Supremacy - REVISED

Triumph of White Supremacy - REVISED - C disfranchisement...

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Triumph of White Supremacy I. White Supremacy and a Second Redemption" (1898) A. Furnifold Simmons and "Negro Domination" B. White Government Unions C. Wilmington coup, November 1898 II. Democratic Victory and Disfranchisement (1898-1900) A. repeal of the fusion election law and local government reform B. Jim Crow law
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Unformatted text preview: C. disfranchisement amendment (1900) "Black Second" Congressional District Alexander Manly Daily Record Charles Manly Alfred Moore Waddell Wilmington Declaration of Independence 15th amendment literacy test grandfather clause Charles B. Aycock George H. White one-party state...
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