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08-submitting-work - Mehran Sahami CS 106A Handout#8...

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Mehran Sahami Handout #8 CS 106A September 28, 2011 Submitting Work Based on a handout by Eric Roberts This handout provides a little more background on submitting work. Remember that all assignments are submitted electronically through Eclipse. Whether an assignment is submitted on time is determined by the time we receive your electronic submission, which is timestamped in the submission process. That time is based on the time on the server that receives the assignment, so it pays to submit things with a few minutes to spare, particularly if you discover that your co mputer’s clock is running slow . Submitting your assignments electronically The Stanford version of Eclipse makes submission a relatively painless process. All you need to do is select the Submit Project entry under the Stanford Menu : Once you select this option, Eclipse will bring up a dialog box asking you for additional information. Here are the steps you should follow to submit your project: 1.
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