CE-08-SS2005 - CLASS EXERCISE#8 28 June 2005(a What is the...

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CLASS EXERCISE #8 - 28 June 2005 (a) What is the equivalent voltage of this circuit? The two batteries face the same way, so the equivalent voltage is the sum of their voltages: 6 V 12 V 18 V. œ (b) What is the equivalent resistance of this circuit? The equivalent resistance of the circuit is the sum of the resistances: 3 4 2 9 . HHHH œ (c) What is the current in this circuit? 18 V 9 2 A. It flows counterclockwise. Mœ ZÎVœÐ ÑÎÐ Ñœ ?H (d) Construct the table for this circuit. Include a separate line VM
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