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CLASS EXERCISE #16 - BASTILLE DAY (a) What is the direction of the magnetic field of the wave at that point at that time? Using the right-hand rule with north and up, the magnetic field must be in the -I t t east direction. (b) What is the wavelength of this wave? - œ-Î0œÐ ÑÎÐ Ñœ 3.00 10 m/s 5.0 10 Hz 0.60 10 m 81 4 6 or 0.60 m or 6.0 10 m. . 7 (c) Determine the period of this wave. Xœ Î0œ Î Ð œ 1 1 5.0 0.20 10 s 2.0 10 s 14 14 15  (d) How much time elapses between when the electric field is a maximum in the up ( ) direction and the next time it is a maximum in the up (
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