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CLASS EXERCISE #23 - 28 July 2005 Light of wavelength 520 nm is incident normally (perpendicularly) from air onto an interface with a thin oil film ( 1.30) that is floating on water ( 1.33). (a) What is the frequency of this light? 0œ-Î œÐ ‚ ÑÎÐ Ñœ - 3 10 m/s 520 10 m 5.8 10 Hz 89 1 4 (b) What is the wavelength of this light in the oil? - oil oil oil oil œ@ Î0œÐ-Î8 ÑÎ0œÐ-Î0ÑÎ8 520 10 m 1.30 400 nm œÐ 9 (c) What are the phase changes, if any, of the light reflected from the top and bottom of the oil film?
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