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PHYSICS 112 - REVIEW FOR EXAM 2 CURRENT ÐMÑ À rate at which electic charge is flowing in a wire ÐM œ UÎXÑ ? RESISTANCE and POTENTIAL DIFFERENCE ÐVÑ Ð Z Ñ ? related by Ohm's law: . The ? ZœMV power dissipated in a resistor has magnitude . TœM ZœMVœÐ ZÑÎV ?? 22 BATTERY with potential difference across its terminals: . Power delivered by ZZ œ M V bat bat total eq battery is (negative if current flows from terminal to terminal through battery). TœM Z total bat ? SERIES CIRCUIT: battery and resistors form a circuit in which all moving charges pass through each component in the circuit. sum of all the resistances in the series circuit. . M œ ÐZÑ Î V eq total bat eq ? VM Z œ V M T œ M Z =?7 œ V =+7/ œ M =?7 œ Z œ V ‚ M =?7 œ M Z " total 2t o t a l eq total bat eq total total bat PARALLEL CIRCUITS: Every parallel circuit has the same potential difference. Z œ V M T œ M Z Z Z V œ "ÎÒ ÎV  ÎV Ó =?7 œ M = 7 œ Z œ V ‚ M =?7 œ M Z ?
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