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PHYSICS 112 - REVIEW FOR EXAM 3 MAGNETIC FLUX: The magnetic flux through a plane circuit is cos , where is the angle between F) ) œFE F t and the normal ( perpendicular) to the plane of the circuit. Units: T-m . ´ 2 MAGNETIC INDUCTION The current induced in plane loop is proportional to the rate of change of the magnetic flux through the loop. If the loop has electrical resistance , the current is given by Faraday's law: . VM œ ?F ? Î> V LENZ' LAW The direction of the induced current in a loop is such as to oppose the change in flux that produced it. Thus if the flux is increasing/decreasing in magnitude, the induced current must produce a magnetic field in the opposite/same direction as the external magnetic field. ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES A plane electromagnetic waves has electric field and magnetic field that are perpendicular to each IF tt other and always in phase (zero at same time, maxima and minima at the same time) and always both perpendicular to the direction of propagation
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