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Unformatted text preview: PracticalDataAnalysis Anotuncommonsituation: Aclientbringsyoudatafromafooddevelopmentstudy: 3treatments: Oldonmarketformulationofsoup newformulation,Samesaltcontentasold newformulation,Reducedsaltcontent Theyrecruited25people.Askedeachtotasteall3soupsand provideanumericalscoredescribinghowwelldidyoulikethis soup. Rangefrom0(absolutelyhate)to15(absolutelylove) Theyaskyoutoanalyzethedata. Focusontrt.means: O , S ,and R Theytellyoutheyareinterestedin: Whetherthenewformulationisbetterlikedthantheold Whetherreducingthesaltcontenthasanyeffect Copyright c 2011Dept.ofStatistics(IowaStateUniversity) Statistics511 1/11 PracticalDataAnalysis Howwouldyouanalyzethedata? (N.B.allanalysesaccountforblocking/pairingofobs.withinsubject) 1. ANOVAFtestof O = S = R ,reportp-valueandtrt.means 2. 3pairedt-tests: O = S , O = R ,and S = R , reportp-valuesanddifferencesofmeans 3. abovewithmultiplecomparisonsadjustmentforp-values 4. ANOVAFtest,followedbypairwisecomparisonofmeans, nomult.comp.adj. 5. ANOVAFtest,followedbylinearcontraststoestimate O ( S + R ) / 2 and S R . reportANOVAp-valueandestimates 6. linearcontrasts(above)withoutFtestfirst. 7. Somethingelse:describebrieflywhatyouwoulddo Copyright c 2011Dept.ofStatistics(IowaStateUniversity) Statistics511 2/11 PracticalDataAnalysis...
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10bSoupAnalysis - PracticalDataAnalysis...

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