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exam1soln - -1Physics 198 EXAM 1 The exam is closed book...

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- 1 - Physics 198 EXAM 1 September 24, 2009 The exam is closed book, although you may use a single sheet of paper to refresh memory. For multiple choice questions, mark the answer you believe is MOST CORRECT on the exam. For questions that are not multiple choice, please show your work clearly in the space provided. Please turn in only the exam sheets with your answers marked. Please assume that the velocity of sound in air is 343 meters/second for this exam. 1) (6 pts) Briefly but clearly describe contributions made to the Physics of Music by each of the following. a) Chladni – studied nodal lines on vibrating plates relevant for similar studies on violins, and other stringed/percussion instruments. b) Fourier – developed the theory of spectral analysis. c) Pythagoras – studied string with fixed stops and found that when lengths ratios were the ratios of small integers the sound was pleasing. 2) (6 pts) An object moves in one dimension with position, x, at time, t, given by the graph below. The position is in meters and time in seconds.
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- 2 - a) At which of the points (A, B , C, D , E) is the instantaneous velocity zero? The instantaneous velocity is zero when the slope is zero – points B and D.
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