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lab8 - 1 Physics 198 PHYSICS OF MUSIC Lab 8 Real and...

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- - 1 Physics 198 PHYSICS OF MUSIC Lab 8: Real and Synthesized Sounds Name__________________________ Partner(s)_____________________________ This laboratory uses computer analysis of sound to investigate the spectra of various instruments: real instruments, instruments sounds synthesized with a Casio keyboard and instruments sounds synthesized manually. We'll use spectral analysis technique to determine how well the keyboard reproduces real instrument sounds. Equipment : Each lab table should have a Dell Optiplex 620 Computer equipped with SpectraPlus sound analysis software. The computer is connected to a to a good quality microphone (Shure MD58) via a USB audio interface box (M-Audio, FastTrack). The computer’s internal sound card should be connected an audio amplifier (Realistic) driving a speaker (Realistic). A printer is shown in the picture, but the computers are now normally interfaced to a single printer in the room. 1 There are headphones shown in the picture, but not used in the lab. There should also be a Casio keyboard at each table and either Physics and Astronomy Department musical instruments or perhaps instruments owned by students. There should also be a bottle of “Mighty Mist” alcohol spray for mouthpieces brass/woodwind instruments are used. Settings: The SpectraPlus Options “Device” input should be set to “Fast-Track” and output should be set “SoundMAX”. The vertical (amplitude) scaling should be logarithmic and the horizontal linear , and the “Settings” (under the options menu) should be default, and the mode should be real time. The “mic” level should be turned up (CW) and the “mix” level should be CCW.
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- - 2 Preliminary: Turn on the computer and get the SpectraPlus software running. Make sure the vertical scale to “log” (dB) which is how the ear/brain responds. Remember that an additive increase of 3 dB in level is really a multiplicative factor of about 2. Use the magnifier to set the frequency scale so that it goes up from 0 Hz up to about 5 kHz.
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