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Midterm notecards - 1 Jomini-Rules not confusion-seize strategic initiative-impede supply and communication lines-concentrate forces against

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11 Jomini -Rules, not confusion -seize strategic initiative -impede supply and communication lines -concentrate forces against defensive point -use mobility and surprise -follow rapidly in pursuit of defeated foe 2 Clausewitz -total war- no mercy -war is an instrument of policy -superiority of civilian over military -defense is strongest form of war 3 Sun Tzu 4 Mahan -need for reform: saves the navy -most influential officer from navy -sea power made Europe great -not only with military but with economy -THE BATTLESHIP 5 Douhet -THE BOMBER -control of air will decide the next war -bomber will always get through -atomic war might be his savior 6 Lidell-Hart -direct approach war cost too many lives -sees most major wars were won with indirect approach -psychological warfare -longest way is shortest way home -trickery and surprise -TANKS and mobile units 7 strategy -plan for the war 8 tactics -how you achieve the strategy 9 Principles of war - objective -concentration of forces -economy of forces -maneuver -simplicity -surprise -offensive -unity of command -security 10 Saratoga -decisive American victory during revolutionary war -British attacked from Canada, had to surrender - France recognized America and agreed to help 11 Winfield -“old fuss and feathers”
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Scott -served during war of 1812, Mex-American War, Black Hawk war, Second Seminole war, American Civil war -conceived the Anaconda Plan for civil war 12 Andrew Jackson -7 th president -Battle of New Orleans- War of 1812 -4,000 militiamen and 16 heavy cannons behind barricades of cotton bales opposed 10,000 British regulars -British had over 2,000 casualties to Jackson's 13 killed and 58 wounded or missing 13 Thomas J. Jackson -Stonewall Jackson -confederate during Civil war -most revered southern general after Lee -protector of Shenandoah Valley -lost arm to friendly fire- died due to complications of amputation 14 Slidell 15 Von Schlieffen -German field Marshall -participated in Austro-Prussian War and Franco Prussian wars -Schlieffen plan- keep Germany from fighting a two front war -by first defeating France in a lightning campaign and then throwing its full weight against Russia -Schlieffen Plan would have proven itself successful were it not for the diminishing of the right wing by Schlieffen's successor 16 Frederick the Great -Prussia -modernize and unite his vulnerable disconnected lands - against Hapsburg Austria -frequently led his military forces personally and had six horses shot from under him during battle. Frederick is often admired as one of the greatest tactical geniuses of all time 17 30 years war -fought principally on the territory of today's Germany -involved most of the major European continental powers -ostensibly a religious conflict between Protestants and Catholics, the rivalry between the Habsburg dynasty and other powers was a more central motive -Catholic France supported the Protestant side in order to weaken the Habsburgs -ended by Treaty of Munster, part of the Peace of Westphalia 18 7 years war -incorporating the Pomeranian War and the French and Indian
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Midterm notecards - 1 Jomini-Rules not confusion-seize strategic initiative-impede supply and communication lines-concentrate forces against

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