IE361F2011 - IE 361 Syllabus Fall 2011 Instructor: Stephen...

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1 IE 361 Syllabus Fall 2011 Instructor: Stephen B. Vardeman 3022 Black Engineering 2212 Snedecor Hall 294-9068 294-2535 Official Office Hours: MTRF 1 PM (in Black Engineering) and by appointment or good fortune Required Text: Statistical Quality Assurance Methods for Engineers by Vardeman and Jobe ( a .pdf version of revised Ch 1-3 is available online) Other References: Probability and Statistics for Engineer s by Devore Basic Engineering Data Collection and Analysis by Vardeman and Jobe Course Description Statistical Quality Assurance: Statistical methods for process improvement. Simple quality assurance principles and tools. Measurement system precision and accuracy assessment. Control charts. Process capability assessment. Experimental design and analysis for process improvement. Significant external project in process improvement. Nonmajor graduate credit. Prerequisite: Stat 231 or Stat 401 ( This is a real prerequisite! If you have not had one of these or a genuinely equivalent course that you have taken seriously, you are NOT prepared for IE 361. Repair the deficiency and take this course at a later offering.) Course Objectives a. Students will learn key concepts and methods of engineering measurement quality assessment, process monitoring, process capability assessment, and data-driven process improvement. b. Students will gain experience applying the concepts and methods through lectures, labs, and team projects. Topics Covered Measurement and Statistics Basic Control Chart Methods Process Characterization and Capability Analysis Experimental Design and Analysis for Process Improvement Course Grading: Exam I 100 pts Exam II 100 pts Exam III (Final) 100 pts Labs 30 pts (best 10 of 11) Course Project 270 pts Important Dates: Initial Project Proposal Due T September 20 Mid-Course Project Interviews Week of September 26 Exam I T October 4 Project Progress Report Due T October 25 Exam II T November 8 In-Class Presentations T December 6 Evening Poster Session T December 6 (7:00 PM) Written Project Report Due F December 9 Final/Exam III W December 14 (2:15 PM) Labs Due Wednesday noon "the week after" NOTICE the "final" is required for EVERYONE. It WILL NOT be given early to anyone. Do NOT ask to be excused or to take it early.
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2 Labs: Tuesdays, 3:40-5:40, 305 Carver Lectures: On the Web, Links on the Course Page: "Vardeman Live for Free": If there is interest, Vardeman will find a weekly 2-hour slot to do the Web lectures live for interested students. .pdf Version of Revised Chapters 1-3 of Vardeman and Jobe : Vardeman will tell you where you may find an updated electronic version of the first three chapters of the textbook. Contribution of Course to Meeting the ABET Professional Component
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IE361F2011 - IE 361 Syllabus Fall 2011 Instructor: Stephen...

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