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1 IE 361 Lab#2/ 2 nd Measurement Study _____________________ (Name) Before handing in Lab #1, record below from the top of page 2 on Lab #1 the summary statistics that you report. From the "first sample" of 8 n measurements on different peanuts: y ____________ y s ____________ From the "second sample" of 6 m measurements on the same peanut: y ____________ s _____________ Before coming to Lab #3, treating the 8 peanuts as a random sample of all peanuts of this type use the first material of Module 4 to make approximate 95% confidence limits for x , the real item-to-item variability in peanut size (uninflated by measurement noise). (This involves using 2 2 x y s s , 4 4 4 ˆ / / 1 / 1 x y s n s m as given in the slides, and the limits 2 2 upper lower ˆ ˆ / and / x x .) Lower Limit ____________ Upper Limit ____________
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