Lab 8-F2010

Lab 8-F2010 - IE 361 Lab#8/ 1st Paper Helicopter Study and...

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1 IE 361 Lab#8/ 1 st Paper Helicopter Study and Process Capability _____________________ ( N a m e ) In this lab, we're going to collect some "paper helicopter flight time data" for two purposes. First, we'll do this as practice with the mechanics of making, flying, and timing flights of paper helicopters, so that we can use them in upcoming labs to illustrate "experiment design and analysis" methods. Second, we'll use the data collected today in some "process capability" calculations. Begin by making a single paper helicopter and weighting it with a single paper clip. Take the helicopter out into the hallway to measure some "drop from 6 ft times." Use the yardstick to measure up 6 ft from the floor and attach a piece of string to the wall at that height with a piece of masking tape (one of your team members may need to hold the tape in place). Extend the string out perpendicular from the wall to establish a launch location. Assign one team member to act as the timer. This person will tell the person launching the helicopter whether the string appears to be parallel to the floor, use the stopwatch, give the "5,4,3,2,1, launch" command sequence, and be responsible for announcing the flight time for each trial. Assign another team member to do the data recording.
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Lab 8-F2010 - IE 361 Lab#8/ 1st Paper Helicopter Study and...

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