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Exam__1_9_28_06 - PHYSICS 222 FALL 2006 EXAM#1 Name(printed...

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PHYSICS 222, FALL 2006 EXAM #1 SEPTEMBER 28, 2006 Name (printed): ____________________________________________ Nine-digit ID Number: ____________________________________________ Section Number: ____________________________________________ Recitation Instructor: ____________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS: i. Put away all materials except for pens, pencils, erasers and your calculator. Turn off your cell phone if you have one. ii. Fill in your name, identification number, section number and recitation instructor above and on the front of the multiple choice answer sheet using a number 2 pencil. iii. This exam contains 15 multiple choice problems worth 2 points each (problems 1-15), and 15 multiple choice problems worth 4 points each (problems 16-30), for a total of 30 problems worth 90 course points. iv. In marking the multiple choice answer sheet use a number 2 pencil. Do NOT use ink. If you did not bring a pencil, ask for one. Fill in the appropriate circles completely. If you need to change any entry, you must completely erase your previous entry. v. Carefully read each problem completely and its five possible answers before beginning to work the problem. For each problem, select one answer that is closest to the correct one. vi. Please turn over or cover your answer sheet when you are not marking it. vii. Before handing in your exam, make sure that your answers on your bubble sheet are the ones you intend them to be. Copy down your answers on a piece of unused scratch paper for comparison with the answer key to be posted later. viii. When you are finished with the exam, please place all exam materials, including the answer sheet, the exam itself and scratch paper that you used for the exam, in your folder and return the folder to your recitation instructor. GOOD LUCK
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Note: i ˆ , j ˆ , and k ˆ are unit vectors directed in the +x, +y, and +z directions, respectively, of a (right-handed) Cartesian coordinate system. Problems 1-15 are worth 2 points each. 1. A particle with charge q and mass m is moving with velocity v in a uniform magnetic field B . At fixed q, m, v, and B, the magnitude of the force on the particle by the magnetic field is largest when the angle between v and B is ____ degrees. A. 0 B. 45 C. 90 D. 135 E. 180 2. A particle with charge q and mass m is moving at speed v in a circle of radius R due to a uniform magnetic field of magnitude B. The amount of work done on the particle by the magnetic force during one period of revolution of the particle is ____ .
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