HW06_Solutions - HOMEWORK 6 SOLUTIONS Q27.19 ANSWER yes it...

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25-1 HOMEWORK 6: SOLUTIONS Q27.19: ANSWER: yes, it is possible when magnetic field is parallel to the electric current. 27.40. IDENTIFY: The magnetic force B F must be upward and equal to mg . The direction of B F is determined by the direction of I in the circuit. SET UP: sin B F IlB φ = , with 90 = . V I R = , where V is the battery voltage. EXECUTE: (a) The forces are shown in Figure 27.40. The current I in the bar must be to the right to produce B F upward. To produce current in this direction, point a must be the positive terminal of the battery. (b) B F mg = . IlB mg = . 2 (175 V)(0.600 m)(1.50 T) 3.21 kg (5.00 )(9.80 m/s ) IlB VlB m g Rg = = = = . EVALUATE: If the battery had opposite polarity, with point a as the negative terminal, then the current would be clockwise and the magnetic force would be downward. Figure 27.40 27.43. IDENTIFY: The period is 2/ T rv π = , the current is / Qt and the magnetic moment is IA µ = SET UP: The electron has charge e . The area enclosed by the orbit is 2 r . EXECUTE: (a) 16 2 1.5 10 s T = = × (b) Charge e passes a point on the orbit once during each period, so 1.1mA I Qt et = = = . (c) 2 24 2 9.3 10 A m IA I r µπ = = = ×⋅ EVALUATE: Since the electron has negative charge, the direction of the current is opposite to the direction of motion of the electron. 27.87. IDENTIFY: Eq.(27.8) says that the magnetic field through any closed surface is zero.
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HW06_Solutions - HOMEWORK 6 SOLUTIONS Q27.19 ANSWER yes it...

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