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HOMEWORK 12: SOLUTIONS Q34.20: ANSWER: One need to look (with a camera) onto the virtual image. Think of a mirror – you can photograph all your eyes see. 34.32. I DENTIFY : Apply and . S ET U P : and . E XECUTE : so the object is tall, erect, same side as the image. The principal-ray diagram is sketched in Figure 34.32. E VALUATE : When the object is inside the focal point, a converging lens forms a virtual, enlarged image. Figure 34.32 34.39. I DENTIFY and S ET U P : Find the lateral magnification that results in this desired image size. Use Eq.(34.17) to relate m and and Eq.(34.16) to relate s and to f . E XECUTE : (a) We need Alternatively, Then and A smaller f means a smaller and a smaller m , so with f = 85 mm the object’s image nearly fills the picture area. (b) We need Then, as in part (a), and Therefore use the 135 mm lens.
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Unformatted text preview: E VALUATE : When and For the mobile home y / s is smaller so a larger f is needed. Note that m is very small; the image is much smaller than the object. 34.49. I DENTIFY : Use Eqs.(34.16) and (34.17) to calculate s and (a) S ET U P : E XECUTE : (b) E VALUATE : The lens allows the object to be much closer to the eye than the near point. The lense allows the eye to view an image at the near point rather than the object. 34.51. I DENTIFY : The thin-lens equation applies to the magnifying lens. S ET U P : The thin-lens equation is . E XECUTE : The image is behind the lens, so . The thin-lens equation gives , on the same side of the lens as the ant. E VALUATE : Since , the image will be erect. 25-1...
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