hw0 - 5 I like to know a little about students to...

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STATISTICS 500 – Fall 2009 – HW 0 Due dates: 28 Aug 09, ca 5 pm (On campus), 31 Aug 09 (Of campus) This assignment is not graded. Its purpose is to compile class e-mail lists, make sure you read the syllabus, and check that you can access class in±or- mation. 1. Access the class web page: http:\\www.public.iastate.edu\~pdixon\stat500 2. Read the class syllabus. I± you have any questions, please ask. Other- wise, please let me know that you understand the syllabus and have no questions. 3. Veri±y that you can read .pd± files. This HW assignment and the sample exams are .pd± files. 4. Send me an e-mail ±rom the account at which you wish to receive class related correspondence. I will add that e-mail address to my class e-mail list. Additional items ±or of campus students.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. I like to know a little about students to counteract some o± the lim-itations o± distance. Please describe yoursel±, your background, what you currently do, and why you are taking the course (i.e. why you are interested in a Stats MS). 6. Computing is a concern ±or distance students. We will use SAS on campus. That is easily available ±or some distance students, available by remote desktop ±or others, and completely unavailable ±or some. I am flexible ±or distance students, within limits. What sort o± statistical computing do you have access to? Are you able to use SAS? I± not, what package would you like to use? Do you have local support to help with syntax and system problems? Thanks!...
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hw0 - 5 I like to know a little about students to...

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