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PHYSICS 1 11 FINAL EXAM FALL 2005 55. A 2000 kg car travels on a level road at a speed of 30 mls. The driver cuts off the engine and the car stops after traveling a distance of 800 m. Neglecting the effects of air resistance what is the coefficient of friction between the tires of the car and the road? @To3 (b) 0.076 (c) 0.098 (d) 0.27 (e) 0.56 56. A projectile is fired on a level plain with an initial velocity of 200 mls as \ shown to the right. HOW high does the projectile rise in the verZical direction3 Neglect all effects due to air friction. (a) 120 m (b) 250 m (c) 370 m (d) 430 m @) 5103 57. A 30 kg box slides down a frictionless inclined plane as Starting from rest how far will it have traveled after 0.4 s? (a) 12 crn (c) 48 ern (d) 58 cm ~ ~ (e) 78 cm / 58. A student whirls a stone on a string just above his head in a horizontal circle. The stone makes one complete revolution each second. If the boy speeds up the stone so it makes two revolutions per second, what happens to the tension in the string? (a) The tension is unchanged. (b) The tension reduces to half its original value. (c) The tension increases to twice tension reduces to one-fourth its original value. tension increases to four times
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59. A box is moving up a frictionless loading ramp as shown to the tight. The box has a speed of 12.0 m/s at the bottom of the ramp. What is its speed at the tap of the ramp? (a) 1.8 W43 (b) 3.8 m/s (c) 7.6 m/s (d) 9.7 mls (e) 10.7 rn/s 0 60. A tennis ball has a velocity of 12 m/s downmrd just before it strikes the ground and bounces up with a velocity of 12 mls upward. Which statement is true concerning this idealized situation? a) The momentum of the ball and the momentum of the earth both ' change. (b) either the momentum of the ball nor momentum of the earth (c)
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PHYS_111_Hill_m87rich_Final_Fall_2005 - PHYSICS 111 FINAL...

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