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Name: _________________ Final Exam, Spring 2009 Site: ___________________ INSTRUCTIONS: You will have 2 hours to complete the exam. There are 5 questions worth a total of 125 points. Not all questions have the same point value so gauge your time appropriately. Read the questions carefully and completely. Answer each question and show work in the space provided on the exam. Turn in the entire exam when you are done or when time is up. For essay questions, think before you write. 1. [35 pts] An experiment on the fuel economy of a particular make and model of an automobile was designed using five factors, each at 2 levels. Factor Low Level High Level A: Engine Size (L) 4.0 4.5 B: Fuel Octane 87 93 C: Tire Pressure (psi) 22 28 D: Driving Speed (mph) 45 55 E: Air Conditioning Off On The experiment was run as a 2 5–1 Resolution V fractional factorial with the levels of E set according to the plus/minus coding of the ABCD interaction. Below are the data, in standard Yates order, and estimated full effects. Treatment Combination Fuel Economy (mpg) Estimated Full Effect Effect Name Alias e 25 25.50 Mean a 21 –4.75 A b 29 3.50 B abe 23 1.75 AB c 29 2.00 C ace 20 –0.25 AC bce 29 0.50 BC abc 29 0.25 ABC d 27 –0.25 D ade 19 0.00 AD bde 26 –0.25 BD abd 26 0.00 ABD cde 27 –0.25 CD acd 22 –0.50 ACD bcd 31 –0.25 BCD abcde 25 –2.50 ABCD a) [4] Fill in the aliases. 1
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FinalExam_S09 - Statistics 496 Applied Statistics for...

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