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STAT 496, Spring 2011 Homework Assignment #1, due Thursday, January 27 1. The luminance of an indicator bar is a critical quality characteristic for an indicator assembly. Luminance is measured in foot-Lamberts (fL) with a minimum specification of 150 fL and a target of 200 fL. There is no maximum specification limit. There are 235 luminance values representing 47 rational subgroups of size 5. The data are available on WebCT as well as the course website www.public.iastate.edu/~wrstephe/stat496.html . a) Use the data table 235Luminance.JMP to construct X and R charts for these data. b) For the X chart, apply Nelson's tests 1, 2, 5 and 6 and indicate what subgroups fail each test. Be careful, if you select several tests JMP flags a subgroup with the first test failed even when that same subgroup may fail other tests. Also, remember that JMP does not apply tests 5 and 6 as Nelson defines them.
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