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Stat 496 Project Experiments with a Paper Helicopter This semester the Stat 496 project will be divided into a series of experiments. Each experiment will involve paper helicopters as the experimental units. The experiments will correspond to different types of experiments that we will discuss during the course of the semester. You can complete an experiment once we have covered the associated material in class. For all experiments you will start with the standard helicopter and will modify (manipulate) aspects of the helicopter to investigate what effect those aspects have on the response: flight time in seconds. All experiments should incorporate the basic principles of a well designed experiment. Each part should be written up in the form of a report that includes an executive summary (although this will appear first it is usually written last), a description of the experiment including discussion of how the basic principles of experimentation were used, the experimental data clearly showing that randomization was used, an analysis of the experimental data (you can include appropriate JMP output), appropriate conclusions based on your data and analysis. Experiment 1: Comparative Experiment. (10 points) For the first experiment you will investigate the effect of folding the standard helicopter’s tail in half has on the flight time for the standard paper helicopter. You will have two groups: standard and tail folded in half. You should first decide how many helicopters you will have in each group. You must justify your choice of number of helicopters
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Project_S11 - Stat 496 Project Experiments with a Paper...

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