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Teng Wang (Alex) Eric Cook Peter Holleman Sonja Spray CHINA RIVER DIVERSION – OUTLINE (TASK 1) Due April 4, 2007 Intro Brief summary of the situation/problem. The China River Diversion project, also known as the South-to-North River diversion project, is the largest hydraulics project in human history. The main goal of this mega- project is to simultaneously solve water problems in the northern and southern regions of China. For the South, the problem is over flooding of many of its rivers. As for the North, they have dealt with much drought for many years. To meet the requirements of developments in northwest and north china. the Chinese government plans to divert water from the Chang Jiang River of the South to the plains in the North. Chairman Mao of China first to come up with the plan to help both the North and South back in the 1950’s. Then after being studied and discussed by the experts for almost 50 years, the government decided to carry out the project. Thorough description of the design/recommendation or project/process studied. The reason that this project is so big is because there are three parts to it. The Western Route Project (WRP), Middle Route Project (MRP), and Eastern Route Project (ERP) make up this mega-project. Each project, or phase, is expected to take 15 to 20 years to complete. As it is the largest water diversion project ever, it would be no surprise that it would cost a lot to complete. The entire project is expected to cost somewhere in the tens of billions of dollars. In addition to the large cost, the project will take a long time to complete as well. Description of the original design/recommendation or project/process The China River Diversion mega-project began in 2002, and completion is expected for 2050. The approximate cost for the entire project is 500 billion. Two of the three portions (ERP and MRP) are already underway, while the feasibility of the WRP is still under consideration. The project, not only in the size (scope, dimension, scale), but also in difficulty of construction are beyond Three Gorges Dam project in China. Body (Discussion of Alternatives) Overview of the available alternatives Not all technical problems for the WRP have been solved, and it is considered a much more difficult task than the first two portions of the river diversion. Since this portion is
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group 8 - Teng Wang (Alex) Eric Cook Peter Holleman Sonja...

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