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Experiment 3

Experiment 3 - 3 DISTILLATION Batch separation of Methanol...

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29 3. DISTILLATION: Batch separation of Methanol and Water Introduction You have learned the principles of batch distillation in ChE 315, Mass Transfer I. Unlike continuous operation of a distillation column in which the system is operated continuously under steady state conditions, in batch distillation we deal with a dynamic situation. The process starts by charging the still pot with feed (serves as a reboiler) and is heated. Product accumulates in the collection vessel and is removed at the end of the operation. This process is suitable for situations where the facility is used for multiple purposes, the product is demanded seasonally, the upstream process is batch-wise, research-and-development, or the system is fouling and regular cleaning is necessary. Batch distillation could be single stage or multi-stage. In this lab, you will run a batch distillation system for separation of methanol from water under a constant reflux ratio. (a) (b) Figure 1. Illustration of batch distillation: (a) single stage, and (b) multistage.
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30 Experimental system Schematic of the batch distillation system is shown in Figure 2. The packed column placed above the still pot has an inner diameter of 100mm and a height of 1930 mm (packing height: 1220mm). It is packed with knitted wire packing (structured wire packing), referred to by the manufacturer as ―Stainless Steel Opti-pak 925‖ packing. The packing is produced by knitting multiple fine metallic filaments that are then crimped and either spiral wound or folded and
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Experiment 3 - 3 DISTILLATION Batch separation of Methanol...

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