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EE 271 – Introduction to Digital Circuits and Systems HW #4A - Due 13 February Turn in one problem you hope/dread will be on the midterm. Put the problem (in BIG DARK letters/font) on the front of a page, with your name on the back . Problems will be copied onto transparencies and a sampling used for the review session. NO LATE HOMEWORK ACCEPTED. Notes: 1.) The problem must be original to you – no copying out of the book or any other source. It must also be relevant to 271 material. 2.)
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Unformatted text preview: The problems will not be “held against you” – I won’t alter the midterm based on anything you put on the example problem. 3.) You don’t need to provide a solution. 4.) This must be done solo – no group questions. 5.) If it isn’t BIG and DARK letters/fonts/diagrams, you won’t get credit. Clever/interesting problems, or ones that strike my fancy for any reason, will get extra credit. Poorly written, mostly irrelevant, or otherwise weak questions will lose points....
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