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EE 271 – Introduction to Digital Circuits and Systems HW #5 - Due 15 February Note: All machines must be Moore machines, like we taught in class. That is, all outputs are given on the state, not on the transitions (edges between states). 1. Design a string recognizer whose output will be true if the last four input values seen are “1100” or “1010”. For this circuit (a) Draw the state diagram and (b) implement it with D flip-flops 2. Create an implementation of the following finite state machine. You can use any basic gates, and D flip-flops. 00 Out=0 01 Out=0 11 Out=1 1 0 0 0 3. We wish to design a soda vending machine which charges $.30 cents per soda (very economical). There is one coin slot, which will accept only quarters, nickles, and dimes. The controller has two outputs, Give_Soda and
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