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Environmental Economics EC 145E UCI Dr. Bresnock Winter, 2012 Book Review Instructions Your grade for EC 145E includes a book review worth 100 points, and is limited to 3 single-spaced, typed pages (please use 12 pt. Times Roman font). Esty and Winston’s Green to Gold book provides the basis for your review. The review will be a brief summary of the key points that the author’s identify regarding environmental strategies that companies are using to create competitive advantage. You will need to write a brief statement for each strategy and site the specific pages in the book where the strategies are covered. Do not use exact quotes from the book while doing this. What I’m looking for here are concise statements to explain each strategy. Limit your explanations of each strategy to one or two sentences. This portion of the review should be limited to one page. For the second part of the review, you will pick two of the strategies covered in the book, and provide a 2-page discussion of these strategies that either supports or refutes
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Unformatted text preview: Esty/Winstons discussion. You will need to provide at least 3 references for each strategy from sources other than the Esty/Winston book. You need to provide sufficient detail for each of these two strategies and make your case based on factual references rather than personal opinion. Your references should also focus on the facts rather than opinion pieces. You may end up agreeing with Esty/Winston on some points and not others. Thats fine. Its more important to document your position with factual references of the position you take. I do not care which side you take on the second part of this writing assignment. You do not get more points if you agree with Esty/Winston than if you disagree with them. Its more important that you dig through some of these strategies and get to the facts. Deadline : March 1, 2012 (beginning of class, or 7:00 p.m.)...
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