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Environmental Economics Winter, 2012 Economics 145E UCI Dr. Anne Bresnock The video “The Next Industrial Revolution” by William McDonough and Michael Braungart will be shown in class on Thursday, January 9 th during the last hour of our class meeting time. There will be an essay included in the midterm exam covering this video. That question is below. You should prepare this question in advance of the midterm and type it up. The length should not exceed 2 full pages typed single-spaced (12 point font). You will bring it to the midterm and I will attach it to your exam. “The Next Industrial Revolution” covers how different businesses are transforming themselves to work with nature and enhance profitability. It investigates how businesses are reinventing their technical processes to mimic natural processes. It fits the theme of the coverage in the Green to Gold
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Unformatted text preview: book nicely by focusing on achieving profitability while integrating sustainability practices in the production process. Your essay should primarily focus on the economic points raised throughout the video. That summary should be limited to the first page. Your second page should update the coverage of one or more of the points covered in the video with internet research. Limit your research to 3 sources which should be referenced appropriately. You may list your internet references on a third page by providing the URL and the name of the website. You can conclude with an opinion of your own on this topic, but please keep that very brief. Since you will have ample time to work on this, please feel free to ask questions regarding this midterm essay assignment. Also, if you can acquire this video on your own, that’s fine with me....
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