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Film Review Educ. 179W 25 Marks Your third assignment is a Film review or critique. I strongly recommend that you write a review, as it will provide you with valuable experience in crafting a persuasive essay. However, the choice is yours. If you wish to pursue an academic critique, I will discuss that with you individually. As you have seen from the examples that we have perused from the New York Times , film reviews are a specialized form of persuasive art. They must grab your attention immediately and entice you to read on! Writing a solid film review is an arduous task for several reasons: the subject matter is not of earth shaking importance; reviews are generally buried in the middle of a very deep newspaper; films are released so rapidly and in such vast numbers that your review must be succinct, witty, and persuasive. However, the most salient challenge is making something that is not terribly important sound vital – this is a tough one! I have provided you with examples of stock reviews covering several genres:
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