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Education 179W Assignment 2. Orwellian Response Written = 10 marks Presentation = 5 marks Throughout his essay, Politics and the English Language , George Orwell chides those who are contributing to the “general collapse” of the English language. Orwell extends his argument to encapsulate not only the written manifestation of language but the thought process that leads to its creation. Part I –Written Composition. 10-Marks We have poured over a series of prompts designed to illicit your initial reaction to Orwell’s thesis. We will now begin the process of designing an analytical response to Orwell’s argument. From a substantive perspective, there is no right or wrong answer- no untenable position. You are perfectly justified in ensconcing your argument in the notion that Orwell’s assessment of language is antiquated and while quaint and perhaps even interesting, it fails to speak to the twenty-first century. I have titled this exercise a ‘response’ and not an ‘essay’ for a specific reason: the word ‘essay’ triggers a series of Pavlovian responses in a student’s brain; these responses
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Orwellian+Response+2011 - Education 179W Assignment 2....

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