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The Portfolio 20 Points Portfolios have been at the heart of educational “best practise” for the better part of the last 25 years. They are more than a collection of work arranged thematically or chronologically. At their best, they illustrate growth on a myriad of fronts, while simultaneously identifying variables that require attention. For our purposes, your portfolio will demonstrate the growth of your writing process. You will include all of your written pieces in the order they were completed. Your reflective thoughts regarding each individual piece and its evolution will accompany the composition in question. Variables - not an exhaustive list : 1. Value of peer editing 2. Improvements in grammar & usage 3. Growth in analytical skill & argumentation 4. Awareness of voice and audience 5. Proper uses of style & structure Presentation : Chronologically arrange your work. Your work should be accompanied by a brief
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Unformatted text preview: explication of the composition in question: what you like about it, what you learned from it and what, upon reflection, could be done to further advance its purpose. Finally, at the end of the portfolio, please include a letter describing an assessment of your writing process and what you garnered from taking Education 179W. While presentations were an integral part of the course, the bulk of your work was concerned with the written product. With this in mind, your portfolio’s main thrust should be directed at showcasing your growth as a writer. Grading You will be assessed on the following criteria: 1. Inclusion of all drafts -including the final assignment. 2. Thoughtfulness of your written reflections 3. Presentation & Organization 4. Your final critical letter assessing the merits of the course and how they did or did not benefit you as a writer?...
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