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Unformatted text preview: 1/5/2012 1 Linguistics 3 Introduction to Linguistics Some Preliminaries Highlights from Chapter 1 Some Preliminaries Instructor: Teresa Griffith TAs: Jennifer Lindsay William Matchin Ray Mendoza All offices and office hours are displayed on the course website Purposes: to explicate assigned readings to answer questions Lecture slides available on course website before the relevant lecture. Six sections, each 50 minutes long; all begin meeting in Week 2. Purposes: to facilitate understanding of and solutions to homework problems to answer questions will always start on time and may (or may not) end early. We won‟t be taking attendance in either; it is your responsibility as an adult to attend both regularly. If you arrive late to either, be sure to enter quietly and politely. The 6 homework assignments will be turned in at the end of lectures , on due dates shown on syllabus. Graded homework will be returned only in discussion sections, in the week following the due date. 1/5/2012 2 Homework turned in late will be penalized 10% per school day, but only 5% if late on due date. If you arrive late to a „homework- due‟ lecture which has already ended, you will be subject to a lateness penalty – even if it‟s not yet 1:50 pm. If you need to turn in homework late, you must make arrangements for delivery with either your TA or me; email works well for this. The TAs and I are not responsible for late homework dropped off in various places without proper notification. will be open notes/open books tests This form of testing entails ... the problems posed may be more difficult than those on „regular‟ tests; and final course grades will likely not be curved in any way. Discovering Linguistics: Introduction to Linguistic Analysis. 2nd Edition . Griffith. 2011. Lectures and assigned readings will be similar, but not identical. Problems on homework and exams will be drawn from both. Comprises several pages ... Homepage : names, office locations, hours, course overview Syllabus : assigned reading; home- work and exam dates; grading criteria; your responsibilities as students in this course On Collaboration : defines legal and illegal collaboration (= cheating) Lecture notes : pdf files; 9 per page Homework assignments : generally posted a week before the due date (Wednesdays) You‟re responsible for checking the course website on an on-going basis, in order to keep abreast of reading assignments, lecture notes, homework assignments and due dates, and special announcements that may occur from time to time. You must also check your grades on eee and contact us immediately if you notice any discrepancies....
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1+prelims+++chap+1+post - 1/5/2012 1 Linguistics 3...

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