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Linguistics 3; Introduction to Linguistics Code 65020; Winter, 2012 Lecture Mon / Wed; 12:30-1:50; PCB 1100 Professor Teresa Griffith Office SSPB 2243 Email [email protected] Hours Mon 2:00-3:00; Wed 11:15-12:15; by appointment Discussion Sections: All last 50 minutes, and all start meeting in Week 2. Code Day, Time, Room Code Day, Time, Room Teaching Assistants Jennifer Lindsay William Matchin Ray Mendoza 65021 Tue, 5:00, HH 231 65024 Wed, 11:00, SST 238 65022 Tue, 4:00, HH 231 65025 Mon, 2:00, SST 238 65023 Wed, 10:00, SE2 1306 65026 Mon, 3:00, SST 238 About this course Language is a truly remarkable achievement of the human mind. Linguistics 3 examines this achievement through (i) providing insights into the nature of language, (ii) introducing methods of linguistic analysis, and (iii) surveying various sub-fields of linguistic inquiry. Linguistics is a rigorous, analytic science, not a simple technique or skill. As a result, you should likely plan on spending two hours of study time for each hour of lecture . Homework and practice exercises have been designed to familiarize you with the methods of linguistic analysis. We encourage you to ask questions in lectures and sections, to come to office hours, to e-mail, and/or to make special appointments, to ensure you fully understand the material. Linguistics 3 can satisfy either GE III or V, but not both; it is required for Linguistics minors.
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syllabus - Linguistics 3 Introduction to Linguistics Code...

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