chem 15 hw #3 - Tien Wei(Tom Lee SID 21846711 Chem 15 Lab...

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Tien Wei (Tom) Lee SID: 21846711 Chem 15 Lab Lab Section 101 GSI: Jamie Kulp The ion-selective electrode used as soil analysis instrument in the Phoenix spacecraft measured solution concentration of the cations Ca2+, Mg2+, K+, NH4+, and Na+; the H+ ion (for pH); and the halide ions, Cl–, Br–, and I– contained in the northern plains of Mars. The Hofmeister anion ISE in Wet Chemistry Laboratory was initially used to monitor the nitrate concentration but was later changed to be used for perchlorate detection. Other electrodes Measured the total conductivity and oxidation-reduction potential, performed cyclic voltammetry, to detect soluble iron, and repeatedly measured halide concentration with chronopotentiometry. The space landers also used deployable BaCl2 crucibles to detect sulfate by titration using a Ba2+ ISE. Essentially, these ion-selective electrodes were used to measure the composition of the Martian surface, in particular, to detect and measure the specific ions each electrode is targets. The ISE was capable of doing this because it uses a
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chem 15 hw #3 - Tien Wei(Tom Lee SID 21846711 Chem 15 Lab...

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