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Lab 2 Dear Class: Here are three items of clarification to help with your Experiment 2 analyses: 1. I have uploaded onto bspace a table of possible unknown acids. Be sure to take a look to help in identifying your acid! The table is located in the "Lab Manual" folder under the "Resources" tab. 2. I've clarified my lecture figures to note that a Gran plot uses titration curve data FROM about 80 or 90% of Ve TO very near Ve (not "up to 0.8 or 0.9 Ve" as I had written on the lecture slides). The corrected lecture slide file is now in the "Lecture Materials"
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Unformatted text preview: folder under the "Resources" tab on bspace. 3. You should include in your titration data analysis one or two Gran plots. The lab manual states it is optional, but you will have more accurate results and likely an easier time estimating your uncertainties this way and it is required for your data workup and lab report. [As mentioned in class, try assuming the activity coefficients are 1 first. Then go back later, do a few calculations, and decide if that seems like a reasonable assumption.]-KB...
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