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analysis - a good reason for why she did not do the job...

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“But now, I no say nothing, I just bow my head like maybe I praying for Wiki.” “Look you, you no shame. You no can handle things for me while I gone? I thought you said you know how for take care? Me, I no say nothing.” (92) Despite how the narrator complains about the chore, Lucy did not say anything to defend herself here. This shows the overwhelming dominance of the father. Although Lucy could have told him that C was not doing her part of the job, the narrator kept quiet because the traditional gender role expectation demands woman to obey men. The gender inequality silences Lucy into taking whatever his father scolds at her, despite that she has
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Unformatted text preview: a good reason for why she did not do the job well. “My sista got lickens… cause you cannot make shame in public.” (87) This quote describes when Lucy’s little sister looked “under the dummy’s dress” and said “mommy, this lady no mo panty”. Although she did it out of curiosity, her behavior is considered as something out of the “norm”. Consequently, she was beaten by the mother. This shows that young girls are expected to stay innocent and restrained from sexual related things. The beating seems to physically drum this idea into the young girl’s mind....
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