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Lee 1 Tom Lee Professor Leong Asian American Study R2A 7 September 2010 That night with the girl I liked As the clock struck twelve in the evening, our group of volunteers climbed into the cars to head back to school. In the front seats, Jeffery started to tell his father about what we had done today at Macdonald’s charity house, while Rebecca and I sat quietly at the back. It was no mere coincidence that this girl who attracted me the most got into the same car with me. It was fate. Twenty minutes later, the two of us were dropped off in the empty school parking lot, with Jeff going home with his dad. “I am going now Tom. It was a lot of fun today,” Rebecca said with a slight Korean accent. Before she could even take another step, I unconsciously blurted out, “I should walk you home, it is not safe to be out here alone at this time.” My heart was racing fast as I realized what I just said: I had never been alone with a girl this late before. But when she answered, “Oh thank you so much, I am scared of walking alone at night,” I was assured that I did the right thing. Although Rebecca never told me exactly where she lived, I had figured that it was a distance neither too far nor too close from school. It was a good half an hour walk for me to find out if she had any feeling for me. We were good friends in school, but the relationship never
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asian american study essay - Lee 1 Tom Lee Professor Leong...

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