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editor's page - family background They have problems that...

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Editor’s Page: The Pahaha Girls Four young girls speak about how they have trouble identifying themselves. Each bothered by something in her daily life. Usually when we think about teenage girl, people would imagine some chatty, confident, half-adult young woman, who has a decent idea about who she is and who she will be. Nowadays, most adolescents have clear ideas about who they are, where their strength and shortcoming lies, and what they want to be as they grow up. By the time they apply for colleges, young adults can identify themselves well enough to write brilliant personal statements. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the Pahala girls. Their senses of identities and control over themselves are compromised due to physical appearance, ethnicity, and
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Unformatted text preview: family background. They have problems that healthy, normal teenage girls do not have. They suffered from different things: unsatisfaction with outer appearance, conformity in traditional families, and even sexual harassments. Today, we will hear from Kala, Tita, Lucy, and about what they experienced and try to understand why they have trouble knowing who they are. The following is a brief summary about the problems each of them have: .Kala: experienced sexual harassment by an older guy named Jimmy boy .Tita: feel unsatisfied about her physical self .Lucy: unable to speak up for herself in the family ....
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